February 27 - March 1
Fort Mason Center
2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94123
800+ developers, UI/UX designers, and founders for our fourth 48-hour hackathon competition.


  1. What:

    Bringing together 800 developers, UI/UX & founders for our fourth 48-hour hackathon competition.

  2. When:

    Friday, February 27 - Sunday, March 1

  3. Where:

    Fort Mason, San Francisco

  4. Who:

    By application only — 800+ vetted developers & designers

  5. Door Prize:

    All attendees receive a free pass to the 2015 LAUNCH Festival

  6. Philosophy:

    Supporting builders with awesome prizes, awesome food/service, awesome hackathons.

  7. Judges:

    Influential tech investors & founders that startups want to impress.

  8. Grand Prize:

    $100k investment prize or $10k in cash + guaranteed spot on stage at the LAUNCH Festival 2015!

We'll have massages and excellent food, too. Each participant will receive a complimentary pass to the 2015 LAUNCH Festival and the winner will be guaranteed a spot on the LAUNCH Festival 2016 stage.


Teams of 1-4 can apply to attend the event. We're only accepting BUILDERS. All applicants within a team will be reviewed and vetted as developers or designers before they are able to attend the event.

FEBRUARY 27 (FRI) 1:00 PM - MARCH 1 (SUN) 12:00 PM

Fort Mason Center

2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94123



LAUNCH hosted its first ever Hackathon during the LAUNCH Festival 2013. With 500+ vetted builders (developers/designers) participating and over $100,000 in prizes awarded, it was an overwhelming success!




VUE1st Place - 33k Investment from LAUNCH Fund

Vue automatically tracks all users interactions on mobile applications, provides a powerful search engine to learn more about your users, and allows you to ask questions to specific users about their in app behavior.
Twitter: @GetVUE
Project: VUE

Blush2nd Place - 33K from LAUNCH Fund
Bonus Prize - 25K from Barracuda Ventures

Blush is a unique twist on 1-1 messaging with the people who matter the most to you. Blush is a mobile app that combines the convenience of offline texting with the intimacy of real-time video. Using the front-facing camera, a video is recorded on your recipient's phone as your message is revealed one word at a time. When done, the video is sent back to you automatically so you can watch and share in the moment.
Twitter: @blushmessenger
Project: Blush

Ripple3rd Place - 33K Investment from LAUNCH Fund

Ripple lets you share content from your phone to users near you, where they have the choice to continue spreading the content themselves. It's the new, democratic way to share ideas with people nearby.
Twitter: @tryripple
Project: Ripple


PerformanceCI is continuous performance testing for your applications. It allows you to catch slow applications before they hit production. The key feature of our product is to correlate performance regressions per commit. We enable your team to view performance testing as part of your continuous delivery process.
Twitter: @performanceci
Project: PerformanceCI


Today there are many applications and devices that track your workouts. However, there isn’t one place where you can compare your activity from your FitBit with someone who has a Nike FuelBand. Furthermore, if you wanted to learn from others or find activity partners, there isn’t a good place to do so. Habari aims to improve this situation. Habari brings together data from all of your fitness applications and devices and it gives you a complete picture of your activities in one place. On top of this information, Habari provides a platform and a network where you can compare yourself to a community of fellow athletes and interact with them. Furthermore, we can leverage this data to provide powerful solutions such as helping you find workout partners with similar schedules.
Twitter: @habarifit
Project: Habari


Hi-Lo is a mobile service that hooks up last-minute buyers and sellers at concerts, festivals, and sporting events. People flake, plans change, and now you need to score or unload an extra ticket. But you don’t want to waste your party time coordinating with possible buyers all over the city, or pay extra to the scalper-man. So now you just show up, tune into Hi-Lo, and use the (low) power of beacon technology to get the deal done. Quickly, on the spot, with other Hi-Lo users who just want to have a good time.
Twitter: @hiloapp
Project: HiLo


Every once in a while we are taking great pictures with a fancy camera at a beautiful place, but we are not in the pictures. Don't you wish you were there in those pictures? AddMeIn is your answer.
Twitter: @addmeinapp
Project: AddMeIn



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