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Hey guys, Working on a music social app with one of the co-founders at pandora and working with some of the biggest musicians of our generation. If anyone is interested, email me at
If anyone needs some iBeacon hardware, I have 5 extra beacons up for grabs. Drop me a message at kenji.kato @
Any folks out there that do small web projects for friends and family? Want to feel better about the viability of your hack? Swing by table 76 and tell us why our idea stinks (or doesn't). Would be happy to return the favor and give candid feedback.
We have two awesome backend developers, we need help from someone who is more experienced in mobile, can anyone help us? Please. :) We are working on an app to use AI, behavior design, and gamification to promote music and dance for health. I'm an UX expert with Visual Design background, one of my app was awarded as "App of the Week" in the New York Times, also featured in Gizmodo. Please contact me at (at) singularityu (dot) org Cheers, Amy
We have two developers, but one cannot make it. We need one more to help. We have a game idea using bitcoin. Email me
I have an idea but need hackers and developers for it. It involves a social messaging type app.
Looking for an iOS developer and a web developer (javascript, php, html5, jquery) with design skills for a location based food discovery service. We are a full stack developer and a service designer, who launched successfully apps and services used by millions of users. Email me at
Any iOS developers here at the event who are looking for a team to work with? Inzopa is building a location-based iPhone app to interface with our live web app. We are at table 18, so stop by if you are interested.
Clock is ticking and I still need a team. I would like to create a new Location Based Message app. I'm an iOS and back end developer.
Still looking for a developer for our iOS based food app. Ping me at or come find me. I'm sitting at table 55 (black apple tee and glasses). Can tell you more details via email or in person
I have a great idea for the Internet of Things that is going to disrupt electronics consumption as we know it. I am looking for hardware engineers, mobile developers and designers. Please ping me at
I'm looking for kick ass HTML5/JS/PHP/jQM/Node.js/AZMO developers, preferably Russian. ping me at (626) 386-3631
Need some UI/UX or design help for your app or site? Or maybe you need an eye for product design? Ping me at sean [at] sean-blake |dot| com. I'm stoked to make your idea just like Street Sharks: Jawesome. I'll pick the best idea(s)/group(s) to collaborate with so lemme know ASAP! Happy hacking!
any sponsors or hackers can land us some hardware? we need 2-3 AOC USB powered monitors to build our rig for the duration of the hackathon and demo/presentation. models e1659Fwu or E2251FWU. ping me (626) 386-3631
Please be sure to check out our API/SDK Partner Prize page ( that lists all of the awesome prizes that will be up for grabs at the Hackathon from Expedia, Bitpay, Capital One, Rackspace, Macy's,, HP, Continuuity, Carvoyant, etc.
Howdy folks! Creating a Wirecutter for food. Looking for an iOS developer and UI designer to join. No egos, just a chance to do some awesome work. Working in Objective C . Ping me
Hi there, we are creating a mobile bidding app for last minute tickets. We are looking for an iOS developer and UI designer to join us. We just won a hackathon last week and are fun, collaborative, no hype types. Will be working in JavaScript , iOS , objective C, HTML , CSS , Braintree , node.js
Looking to potentially join a team as a visual/UI designer. I'm really interested in working with awesome UX designers and developers.
Hi, we are two Ruby developers with 3 year experience. We want to join a team. We've done several web projects using Mongodb, RoR, CoffeeScript, LESS. Our knowledge is not bounded only with Ruby, we also did few Microsoft Kinect projects, and etc... In this weekend we want to compete, code and have a fun!
Hello My name is David I am a designer in search of a backend end developer and UX designer. My idea is simple but desperately needed in urban environments especially in places like SF and NYC. My idea is fairly well mapped out and can hit the ground running once the Hackthon starts. My email is if interested please feel free to contact me.
We've got a great web project in mind with a gifted designer in tow and could use some extra dev muscle. The stack: CoffeeScript, AngularJS (maybe KnockoutJS), Jade templates, LESS, Grunt for rapid development, and Python for the back end. Ideally I plan on doing this with absolutely zero jQuery. Reply if this sounds fun to you. :)
Looking forward to the weekend. Really hope there's time to talk with some of the other teams! If want to make your iOS app accessible, feel free to reach out-- I'll find the time to help. Cheers! -- Justin @ Raizlabs
hi, am looking for an ios developer to join for this hackthon, you can reach me at
Our project revolves around iBeacon / beacons proximity technology. We have a few final concepts we need to fine tune. The basic concepts include two channel navigation (GPS & beacon), elastic social discovery and crowdsourced paritcipation. I’m iOS developer with some design skills. We’ve currently got another iOS engineer and product dev person on board our project. We’re looking a designer / UX person to join our team. Hit me up and let's chat .
Hey! I was TaskRabbit's 2nd engineer/1st PM and I'm spinning off a new mobile project from my last profitable startup, Tandem ( I've been iterating a clickable prototype by user testing Berkeley students (initial target demo) and thinking about using launch to springboard the new project. Email me to chat - I'm a full stack Rails engineer with UX chops looking for an iOS dev with consumer product instincts. Another RoR engineer needed as well!
We are looking for awesome designers and android, iOS, web, Java developers for idea related to disappearing messages. Ping me at if you are interested.
Hey We're looking for one additional dev to join our talented team. Either Rails or iOS/Mobile experience is preferred.
Hi, just moved to SF from the East Coast and looking to join a team and hack on something cool with other devs/designers. Previously ran a mobile iOS team as primary dev with full lifecycle experience ranging from brainstorming, prototyping, UI/UX workflow & design, to development, execution and distribution. Ping me if you are still looking for a dev.
Excited to announce Esri’s Prize! - Esri Location Platform Challenge - Create applications with our mapping APIs & SDKs and supercharge them with context, routing and location-based alerts. Add even more power to your apps with civic and demographic data. Prize $2,500 & subscription to ArcGIS for Developers worth $2,500. More info:
Hey, we're still looking for a UI/UX designer for our photo service. Any designers still looking for a team? Let me know: . Thanks! - Jonathan
Looking for a JS dev comfortable with angular or node. Email me at video of our robot, would anyone want to work on an app for it? looking for a couple extra developers
I am a creative agent from New Jersey, but will be in South Florida in two weeks. I'm a Jack-of-all Trades production/3D/illustrator and designer. I create motion graphics as well. I have horrible grammar, and am also quirky, goofy dude just trying to find cool, reliable teammates! I want to choose team name though. ;)
I'm looking to join a team as a UI/UX or industrial designer. Please ping me via my page: I'm particularly interested in connected devices, but open to many things.
Hey everyone, I'm a developer, working in computer vision and computational photography ( most notably - ). I'm expereienced with java, c++ and phyton. I'm looking to join a team and would love to collaborate with someone working on computer vision or machine learning.
I am a Python developer with a background in machine learning and data science. I have previously worked on recommendation systems and prediction engines for startups. I would love to team up with someone with web development experience. You can reach me at jt635(at)cornell(dot)edu.
Looking for developer (1) + designer (1) for political prediction app. POLITRACKR is a web platform which aggregates user predictions and optimizes them with machine learning to forecast political events. I am a data scientist with 3 masters degrees. If interested, email me at
We are two Android developers looking for a team. We got an idea about an App using beacons and augmented reality. But we are also open to work on other ideas or project. If you have a big idea about wearable device, beacons or other emerging tech, email me at
I have google glass thinking of glass app for bitcoin payment with face recognition. I've worked with android phone apps before but not an expert. I plan to use apigee as back end API as a service. Looking for android app developer glass experience bonus.
Anyone wanna work towards a social website for single people? shoot me an email at I'm a java and python developer. Looking for devs with solid backend or frontend experience to team up with.
Im an entrepreneur & full-stack coder (I built my latest platform from the group up). My current stack of choice is Node+mongo+backbone+coffeescript and so on. Don't really have an idea which I have committed to. Looking to get together with other team members. I don't care if we win but I want to walk away having met people I will continue to work with. You can learn more about me here and ping me I look forward to meeting you at the hackathon.
Hey all, looking for 1 or 2 java devs with some OpenCV experience. Have a sweeeeeet idea that I'm keen to work on involving Computer vision. We **shouuuuuuuld** be able to get a basic implementation-of working during the hackathon that'll blow people's minds, with the right blend of talent and some heavy sweat. Drop me a line if you're interested in catching up beforehand
Front-end dev here, fairly familiar w/ things like Underscore, jQuery, and Backbone. Big fan of semantic markup and sensible CSS (you know, that others can actually understand and modify later). At least functional w/ PHP & PHP. Good ideas are cool and everything, but I'd so much rather meet good people.
I'm a python/django dev with some mobile experience in android. I do front and backend. Looking for a team to hack on this weekend. e-mail me at jeff.tchang (at) gmail.
Hi All, We are creating an automotive/Google glass preventative/maintanence system run by repair depots for the consumer. Privacy leads the feature list. WE WILL NOT SELL, RENT OR LEND USER DATA. Since we are concentrating on the hardware we need a team for the user mobile web experience. We are planning on Carvoyant & Baracuda or Rackspace.
Excited to announce that in addition to having awesome food brought in regularly, we’ve partnered with Postmates ( to offer a free meal delivery during the Hackathon! Details at the event.
We are two RoR/JS devs who are branching into Android for this hackathon, and are looking for someone with more Android experience to help us out. If you are interested in building with Pebble and Glass, let us know.
Hi, I'm a PM / Web Developer, with experience in PHP / JS / CSS. I'm looking for other web devs to start a team. I'm interested in hacking together an enterprise application that has a lot of potential. If you're interested ping me at My professional experience has been in building enterprise apps. Most recently, I was at Box working on Search and Preview technologies. I just left to start something on my own.
seeking a team. I have 5 years programming experience. ruby, ror, javascript, jquery, java. I have an idea for using opencv in an android app, but I have no android experience (greate opportunity to learn haha). Otherwise we can work on your idea. email
hey i have a cool idea that i want to further @ this event, it's about addressable TV. personalized TV. creating/envisioning a new TV. and also Interfacing with the world purely using our increasingly most familiar interface, our phones. looking to rideshare from OC to SF and partner up with thinkers and doers. ping me @ sirvon@LoQoo.TV
Hi! I'm a web and mobile developer looking for a team. My specialties are Python web programming (+ Django, Heroku or Google AppEngine) and Android development. I have a friend who's also looking for a team with me - he has strong front-end skills (HTML&CSS&JavaScript) and also does Python. Contact me if you need two experienced web and mobile developers who already did projects together :)
Hello all! I have 6 years of rails experience, as well as some recent android experience, and I'm looking to form a team. I am interested in building decentralized services, like Twister and Bitcoin. Hit me up at
Hi all! We're looking for a UI/UX designer for our photo tech startup. Please contact me at "" if you're interested. Thanks! - Jonathan
Hi, we are 3 developers (front end, rails, and machine learning) looking for a talented designer to join our team. Ping us at
Hey. We are going to make the web of data come alive.. and we are looking for a few more backend people either with python / machine learning skills or AngularJS frontend people. It's about live data streams, actions, visualisations and predictions. Reach me at
Hi, I'm looking for a team doing web development. I have experience with Python/Django, HTML/CSS, javascript/jQuery. I'll work my ass off hacking together a web app with your team! Send me an email at if you're interested in having me on board.
Hi, I'm a web developer looking for a team. I've done work in Python/Django and Node.js but recently have been spending most of my time with Clojure. Experience with HTML/CSS, Heroku, AWS, etc.
Hi, I'm Elle. We are looking for backend developers. Our team is me, a UX and front-end coder and Tom, a visual designer, hard core marketer at Twitter. Our app can be either web or mobile. Our project is "Interactive shopping app synced to TV shows and movies to purchase the products, goods, songs, in the show fast and easy" and team name is "WantThis" . If you are interested, please contact me :) also my email is - Elle Sakamoto
Hello all, I'm still looking for teams to join them for the hackathon, I'm a software engineer with hands on experience in python/php, MySQL, on Apache/Linux.
Hello all, I'm in love with machine learning, I mainly do my modeling on Octave before coding it. And I do code on python/Django. I'm looking to join a team for the hackathon... ping if you need such skills on your team, :)
I really want to continue and improve my idea further, looking to work with other developers and designers passionate about the travel industry. Heres a short demo: I came in second at Emirates travel hackathon and really hope to improve the idea. Stack: RoR
Can't wait for the big Hack!