Applying to the LAUNCH Hackathon

  1. Register an account

    Looks like you're doing this now! Your email will be what you use to login.
  2. Connect at least one social account

    The LAUNCH Hackathon is unique in the sense that we vet all attendees as developers or designers. We try our best to keep out the likes of recruiters and marketers. We're dedicated to keeping the event 100% focused on builders and free of distractions. Connecting one of your social accounts helps us achieve this task.
  3. Submit a team application

    Only teams of one to four individuals will be able to attend the event. Once all your team members are registered and have connected at least one social account, you will be promted to apply for the event as a team. The LAUNCH team will review your application ASAP (usually within 48 hrs). Making sure that each member's profile is as detailed as possible will help us expedite the process.